Friday, October 15, 2010

Children are teachers too

Although most of the time, they seem like little devils, children are actually true angels that teach us a lot about how we can lead a better life. It seems like most of the time, they don’t have a clue as to what they are doing, but unknowingly and without a clue they allow us to explore things that we tend to forget as we grow into adulthood. There is a reason we call kids a gift from God. They allow us to better our life, see the good things in life and just take each day with a smile. Watching my two kids, I have been able to learn some things that have helped me take a better look on life itself. Let me just share some with you.

1.     Every day is a new day
“Mummy, Look!!” said my 2 year old daughter one day. We were at the traffic light waiting for it to turn green. I looked around to see what was she pointing at, and it turned out to be at a passing lrt. My daughters jaw literally dropped in amazement. I was so amazed that something so mundane to me managed to bring out so much excitement in my daughter. It’s not that she hasn’t seen it. She sees it every single day.

Every day a child wakes up, it’s a new day for him.  There’s a whole new world for him to explore. He looks forward to going through it.  You may say “Ah, they don’t have things to do. They are not bounded by schedules.” Well, you are wrong. Even children have a schedule that they need to adhere to.  They have to wake up at a certain time for us to send them in the nursery before we go to work. At school, their nap time, play time, eating time. It’s all been scheduled for them. So tell me, why can they still go through all this with a smile? Why can’t we smile while we go through work. Are you then gonna teli me that they have a choice and we don’t? I think , we have more choices than they do. Think about it.

2.       You can’t have everything
Every time my daughter passes the toy section at the mall, the word “NAK” will surely come out. Im sure most children are the same in this sense. Once u say “No”, What will the child do? He’ll probably create a scene of embarrassment for you and  cries for a couple of minutes then simply forgets. Although there are a lot of things we would like to have like that 8 million dollar house in Bukit Damansara or a BMW X5, it doesn’t necessarily mean we deserve it,or need it.  We don’t always get what we want. That’s life. So forget what you don’t have and focus on what you do have. Just look at the child sitting in her stroller who was crying minutes ago, she is now smiling and playing with the toys that she brought from home. We need to realize that we can’t have everything. A child learns it from us and we need to learn it back from them.

3.      Love Unconditionally
As adults, when we give our love to someone, we often do it with the subtle expectations of what the other person should do. Then when those expectations aren’t met, we get disappointed, hurt and most of the time, grow cynical about the whole love business. But when a child loves, his love is unconditional. When my daughters smiles at me, u can feel it beaming at you like the rays of the sun. It is the kind of love that comes straight from the heart, without preconditions or expectations. Mean people? Kids just ignore them and walk away.  What if we did the same thing? So, why can’t we love like that? Getting hurt is part of growing up. We just need to learn from it. Children get hurt by those they love too. But somehow they still manage to love unconditionally.    

4.     Be curios & take risks
Ever notice how eager children are to take risks? Climbing grills, or swinging WAYYY high at the playground? Do you have any pictures of the ridiculous things you insisted on wearing to school when you were younger? Whether you wanted to be different or trying to be cool, you probably took some risks as a child that you wouldn’t dare to take now. Kids never bother with their lack of knowledge or qualifications. They even try if they haven’t done something before. If they fall, they get up and try again. Adults are comfortable with habit. We tend to shy away from unfamiliar activities. Because of that, we miss out opportunities or experiences. The next time you are puzzling about joining a yoga class, walk into the studio and try it. Always wanted to try tennis? Get someone who knows it to teach you. Who knows, you might be the next Nadal.

*actually this will be my TM speech no 3...just trying it out...i think it still needs a lil fine tuning...

Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 Television Premier Schedule tv shows are starting again

*note to self: to get a new hard old is is FULL!!!

anyway, to those of you who are crazy fanatics like me, I provide to you the listing of the dates the new seasons come out...

Wednesday, September 8 
Hellcats- The CW 

Thursday, September 9 
The Vampire Diaries - The CW 
Nikita - The CW 

Monday, September 13 
90210 - The CW 
Gossip Girl - The CW 

Tuesday, September 14 
Parenthood - NBC 
One Tree Hill - The CW 
Life Unexpected - The CW 

Wednesday, September 15 

Outlaw - NBC 

Monday, September 20 
Castle - ABC 
Hawaii Five-O - CBS 
House - Fox 
Lone Star - Fox 
Chuck - NBC 
The Event - NBC 
Chase - NBC 

Tuesday, September 21 
Detroit 1-8-7 - ABC 
NCIS: Los Angeles (two-hour premiere) - CBS 
Glee - Fox 

Wednesday, September 22 
The Whole Truth - ABC 
Criminal Minds - CBS 
The Defenders - CBS 
Undercovers - NBC 
Law & Order: SVU (two-hour premiere) - NBC 

Thursday, September 23 
My Generation - ABC 
Grey's Anatomy - ABC 
Private Practice - ABC 
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - CBS 
The Mentalist - CBS 
Bones - Fox 
Fringe - Fox 

Friday, September 24 
Medium - CBS 
Blue Bloods - CBS 
Human Target - Fox 
The Good Guys - Fox 
Smallville - The CW 
Supernatural - The CW 

Sunday, September 26 
Desperate Housewives - ABC 
Brothers & Sisters - ABC 

Tuesday, September 28 
No Ordinary Family - ABC 
The Good Wife - CBS 

Wednesday, September 29 
Law & Order: Los Angeles - NBC 

Sunday, October 3 
CSI: Miami - CBS 

Wednesday, November 10 
Lie to Me - Fox


Things to look forward to in September:

  1. RAYA..Its Zaara’s first raya n this year, we’re wearing PINK!!! Got their baju kurung n for them is soo much fun..if I dun be careful I think I would have over bought their things…well, my right as a mother kan??? I wonder how many years its been since I’ve worn purple…hopefully next year will be a purple year *fingers cross* the sad part is that this year I’ll be in Penang first.. so  it’ll be my first Raya not seeing my parents on Raya morning…I feel tear works coming on Raya morning…
My lil Amira Zaara

Aisya n Zaara...they're growing up so fast...

  1. BIRTHDAYS…a few loved ones birthdays are coming up in this months especially my mum…however, as her birthday in on Raya eve, I’ll be in Penang already…*sigh*  a few other birthdays are a few cousin spread out through out the month n of course MY BIRTHDAY..hahahaha…dang, I feel old..

  1. BABIES…one of my besties is due to deliver at any time now..yeay…im soo excited..finally, another mummy in my group..hopes she goes through it fine

  1. WEDDINGS…ok, granted that another of my besties wedding is actually in October, the major preparatins are starting soon..list of things to do are quite long. I have to collect my baju for the akad nikah from the tailor, make 2 more clothes for the 2 receptions and send miruls baju melayu to his tailor..console the bride from becoming a bridezilla.. *grins*

Thursday, July 29, 2010

my maids concerns...

Yesterday my mum’s maid came to my house for the first time. First thing  she asked is where does Aisya n Zaara sleep. So I showed her their room which is across the hall from mine. She had this very horrified look.

Bibik : Nie jauh dari bilik kamu, macam mana kalau diorg nangis tgh2 malam?
Me : Saya ada beli macam radio untuk cakap2 (baby monitor la tu). Kalau diorg nangis
        saya akan dgr…
Bibik : betul ke boleh dgr??

X pasal2 kene la pulak demo kat my maid how loud the monitor really was…then:

Bibik: pastu kalau diorg sejuk ke macam mana?
Me : Radio tu boleh baca suhu bilik pastu tunjuk dekat radio saya.
Bibik: betul ke?

Demo la pulak room temp reader tu..

Haih..apparently the maid was more concern than my mum…Everyday, if by 745 I’ve not reached the house, she’ll call and ask where are you. And 99% of the time,she’ll already be waiting at the gate for them…

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2.5 month hiatus...

The mood to update this blog come n goes... there are times that i really semangat wanna write..but i think i can attribute the 3 month hiatus to 2 major things

1) Moving into my own place...yeay!! so much fun having ur own place to do as u please..n i would admit that it helps a lot in my relationship with Mirul...less stress=less fights...yeay...i officially moved in on the 4 June 2010...but the weeks leading up to it was super super busy with cleaning the house n getting the appliances n the wrapping up of renovations...of course there were hiccups...but, its I AM FINALLY LIVING ON MY OWN...i send Aisya n Zaara to my parents everyday on the way to work but I'll pick them up after work..once in a while if we come back late, then they'll have the pleasure of sleeping with their grandparents...hahahahaha...

2) MY EXAM!!...took my exam on the 16 June 2010..i get frustrated with exams coz u think u covered everything n when u look at the question, u'll still go "wat the hell is this??"...argh!!


brought them to the zoo last Saturday..they were soo happy...Aisya wanted to see the "NAKE"snake n the "PANTS'(elephants) but the one where she got the mos texcited with her eyes going wide was.......THE GIFT my daughter kan??hahahaha...its the exact same expression when she see Toys R Us...her fav words now r "NO" n "NOW"...sound familiar??? i.e:
me: Aisya, time to sleep
Aisya: No
me: Aisya, time to mandi
Aisya : No the same time,
"mummy, nak milk NOW!!!
"mummy, jom NOW!!"
sounds familiar???hahahahahahaha...apparently she's a replica of me??

my second one (Zaara) is more feminine pun, still byk cakap gak...
they have started fighting now..a few days back gaduh pasal bantal!! u would think that with Zaara being only 7 months old, it would still be sometime before the fights start..but no...dh start dah...n at 630 in the MORNING..wah!!!
my TV is more or less set at Disney playhouse when they are around...mmg x leh nk change dah...sometimes i find myself singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song in the office alone...hahahaha
yesterday Aisya was asking for a tricycle...she's so big...i feel like crying...wahahaha

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My babies are growing up FAST!!

Aisya dh pandai sebut Mummy!! Yeay..sgt happy…n dia suka menyapu I bought her a kids cleaning set yg ada broom,mop dust pan…so dok sibuk sapu the whole house…siap bongkok2 to reach under the chair..hopefully, nanti bila dh masuk rumah sendiri, dia leh sapu the whole house..hahaha

SO now in the morning its “Mummy, nk book!” (nk tgk jungle book)..she looks at the cows picture n says “Moo”..but wat really warms my heart is theway she totally LOVES her sister…I mean she can be asleep but if her sister cries,she’ll wake up, reach over n pat her sister back to sleep…sgt baik nyer kakak.. every morning, she will surely look for her sister n give Zaara a good morning kiss..aww..

Zaara pulak has a smile that will melt the coldest heart… I mean u can come home in the worst mood ever n she will give u this HUGE smile n u just cant help but smile back.. n her hair…actually reminds me of Fity, my best frens hair back in school…is just so maggie..n she’s so fair,u would think she’s never seen the sun..hahaha..

If Aisya’s eyes will let her get away with things, Zaara’s smile will get her everything she demands..It’ll be an amusing thing later on when they figure out their strength and try it over Mirul…hahahaha…

When the 2 of the sit together n start chit chatting in their own language, it makes actually wonder wat are they talking bout…because its like they actually have their own language n totally understand each other…I have a feeling that there’ll be a lot of instances where they’ll be teaming up together against me n mirul..huhuhuhuhu

Work in progress..Finally...

My renovation dh start...TODAY…yeay!!! met up with Adrian just now n his workers were setting up n getting ready to start…should finish in a Insyallah sempat la nk masuk before World Cup..whee…yg lawak nyer…smua dh start tanya “whens ur house warming??” im like “What??” coz actually Im the type yg selagi my house x complete to my satisfaction even to the small2 things, mmg I x kan jemput org lg.. Sorry :)

But seriously this is a tiring thing coz we r running everywhere tgh carik best price…nk carik shower head pun satu row kedai2 kat jln Ipoh tu me n mirul pusing…but actually its fun n its rather satisfying coz its for ur own house…last week we went to buy the fans, the air cond n the ventilation fan for the kitchen..2 weekends ago, we went to buy our lights, choose paint colour (I think most ppl can guess wat my room colour is gonna be *wink*),kitchen sink, jumpa kitchen cabinet contractor…wah..tired but satisfying..

The thing is, I got no eye for decorations at all so im quite worried actually that wat I choose clashes with each other..well..just hope for the best kan…

Now gotta start packing thought of leaving my mum's house actually makes me wanna cry..