Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the one with the begining...

ppl keep buigging me about this blog thing.."y dun u have one?" is a standard question.."wats ur b log address?" is another popular Q that i get..so fine..i'll have one but lemme just see how long will i b able to maintain it..wat with my baby coming soon..n i mean really REALLY soon!!even moving is so painful..doesn't help that i have flu n cough now..wonder where i got it from though...wndering when my baby will come out..m getting so impatient..keep talking to her and telling her that everything is ready for her..

"baby, when u gonna come out to me n ur baba? all ur things are ready,ur cot,ur toiletries...we're all anxious for u to come out..ur toks' n grannys n great granny are bugging me everyday asking constantly if the sign are there..yada yada yada"thats my script to her everday..mirul has been on constant standby since early november..me?m getting bored from waiting..anxiety is bad!!

isnt it funny that when u working u wanna go home n hang out n do nothing but now that im on home rest, all i wanna do is go to the office..actually miss work..huhuhu..