Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Parent's dictionary of meanings...

got this off baiboo.com..a rather good read (n so true) :

DUMB WAITER: a waiter who asks if the kids would like to order dessert.

FEEDBACK: the inevitable result when the baby doesn’t appreciate the strained carrots.

FULL NAME: what you call your child when you’re mad at him or her.

GRANDPARENTS: the people who think your children are wonderful even though they’re sure you’re not raising them right.
HEARSAY: what toddlers do when anyone says a dirty word.
INDEPENDENT: how we want our children to be as long as they do everything we say
OW: the first word spoken by children with an older brother or sister

PUDDLE: a small body of water that draws other small bodies wearing dry shoes into it.

SHOW OFF: a child who is more talented than yours

STERILIZE: what you do to your first baby’s pacifier by boiling it and to your last baby’s pacifier by blowing on it and wiping it with your saliva.

TOP BUNK: where you should never punt a child wearing Superman pyamas.

TWO-MINUTE WARNING: when the baby’s face turns red and she begins to make those familiar grunting noises.

VERBAL: able to whine in words

WHODUNIT: none of the kids that live in your house

Monday, November 9, 2009

just a little while longer..

If you’ve paid attention to any pregnancy books, you’ll read that most babies are born between 36 and 41 weeks. You’ve heard that, haven’t you?

I swear, it seems to me that every woman, especially first time moms, think that their baby is going to come at 36 weeks. Here’s a hint: Most likely, it won’t.

I know, I know. I’m a mean person. How could I tell you that your baby isn’t going to come today? You know you’re thinking that.

Wait- what was that twinge- is that labor? Ooh, maybe it was labor? Could it be labor?

I know it’s hard to hear that, but the sooner that you learn to accept the cold hard truth that early labors happen to “other people,” the sooner you can get on with the rest of your pregnancy. Worrying about whether or not today will be the day isn’t going to make the baby come any faster. Trust me, I’ve tried.

You’ve been looking in the mirror and you’ve wondered how you could possibly get any bigger. There’s no room for the baby in there! You just KNOW you have to go into labor early.
Unfortunately, your body has other plans. It plans on keeping that baby in there forever!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

durian cravings!!

Ok…after a loooooonng time of no entry, x tau y suddenly today I feel like doing this..anyway, its NOVEMBER…which equals to DUE DATE!! Huh.,.seriously cant wait..for ppl who dun have kids yet,u dun know wat its like tobe on constant stand by…every pain u feel will trigger this question in you mind “is it time???”n totally bad sleep deprived..*sigh*everytime nk pusing jer mesti bangun..pastu bila pusing kene gi toilet pulaks!!

Been craving durians ok..i do normally eat durian tp just takat 2-3 ulas n that’s about it…tp this past week or so mmg teringat surian until finally last night Mrul ajak gi carik..thing is, I dun want those prepacked ones due to some issues in the past.. so pusing2 kl, siap call heemi to ask if setiawangsa area ada pasar malam x..in the end, jumpa la dekat Sg Buloh..huhuhuhu..mmg sgt sgt happy…bought n brought home, kat rumah I makan 2 WHOLE FRUIT by myself…sgt tamak ye…tp baby trus senyap lepas dpt durian…contented kot..hehehe..tp nk tido lepas tu habis arr…Air cond @ 16 + kipas at 5 pun still panas…huhuhuhuhu..tp x pe la..as long as cravings hilang kan..

Aisya skarang nie pandai mintak kluar jalan..had this conversation with her a while back:

Me: Aisya, u want milk?
Aisya : Nanak
Me: U want to sleep?
Aisya: Nanak
Me: U want to read ur books?
Aisya: Nanak
Me: U want to watch Little Einstein?
Aisya: Nanak
Me: Then wat do u wanna do?
Aisya: Car (Car = Jalan)

Haih..anakku itu.. pantang nampak org pakai smart sikit, dia dh standby kat pintu… but seriously, I feel like time flies with her..blom pape dh nk masuk 1 year this month…n it’s like she does something new everyday…N soon, there’ll be 2 of them..

Last Sunday me n mrul were just sitting down with Aisya n suddenly both of us fell silent n looked at each other..

Mirul: u sedar x that Insyallah by next month at this time, we’ll have 2 kids..

Me: yeah…wow…Aisya will be in her playpen n Baby will be in her cot..huh!!wow..
Then both of us went silent again n tried to picture it…*grin*

Aisya pulak skarang nie,if you ask her “where’s adik?”,she will pull up my shirt n pat my tummy n say “kakak” *awww*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the updates..

Today is exactly 1 month since my last update..keyword: MALAS…coz actually time ada, benda nk tulis pun ada so..tp MALAS..huhuhu…nmind..here’s the updates :


My baby is exactly 9 months and 3 weeks…I feel like the past 9 months has gone by sooo fast…she’s growing so fast..I feel macam baru jer deliver dia last week..

*Aisya at 1 week*

One thing that I notice she follows me is her passion for books..she LOVES to read..sampai tertido ngan buku dalam tangan.. her word now is “BIRD”..bukak buku pun cari BIRD..kluar rumah je pandang atas carik BIRD..balik penang tgk ayam pun BIRD…

Lagi satu is “BABA”…the way she sleeps is exactly like her dad..dr lahir k..haih..

Lg satu..she LOVES the piano..she can spend hours at the piano mghentam the keys..n nobody else can touch it...brani buat n u'll be getting a raised eyebrow from her..future pianist maybe?

This year will be her first raya..after soo many years x excited..tetiba tahun nie I x sabar nk Raya..anyway,im not alone..i think my entire family is looking forward to it..mana x..Aisya is the 1st child, 1st grandchild, 1st greatgrandchild for my family..so mmg totally spoilt la kan J baju dia yg 1st to be completed.. bukan takat I yg belikan..her grandma belikan ,her great grandma belikan..mana x spoilt..tp 1st day nanti dia pakai baju kurung J..huhuuhu..One thing for sure, its a raya to be looked forward to..

2) Baby on the way

Baby is in his/her 6th month already…just about 2.5 more months to go…huhuhu..x sabar k..actually we already know his/her sex tp x leh nk confirm sgt la…good thing is,this time nothing mouch to buy..guna brg aisya je la..x sempat nk collect habuk dh kene guna balik Jjust need to get another tempat tido, car seat n bottles..baju smua leh pakai aisya punya…

Baby is so diff from Aisya when I was carrying her..with Aisya, time lapar je tendang mintak makan..Baby nie pulak,24/7 kot bergerak…lapar pun tendang,makan pun byk gerak..main non stop..pastu suka la main ngan my bladder smpi kejap2 kene gi toilet..

3) My Syurga

Yeay..my condo will be ready by December so lepas pantang leh pindah masuk kot..but of course kene renovate dulu so now me n Mrul dok sibuk looking at furnitures n designs n all the stuff..excited sbb x pernah nk shopping for this kind of things kan..dh la beli tuk rumah sendiri so lg la best...since kami pun x mampu nk beli barang smua one-shot so terpaksa beli apa yg necessity kan..Mrul nyer necessity list includes the TV,Astro Sports Package n PS3 dia..haih..mesin basuh x de x pe asal Tv beli dulu…mmg laki nyer priority la tuh… J

4) Work

Unbelievable, my secondment is up..2morrow I go back down to TP..relieve pun ada..sedih pun ada sikit kot sbb actually the ppl around me here are nice…

So I think nie la kot my updates for now..Assalamualaikum..

Friday, August 14, 2009

tax filing is OVER!!!!

yeay!! after almost a month of endless stress at work, after chasing clients for information and amendments after amendments after amendments, after going back late and doing work at home....ITS OVER!!!tetiba skang nie i tgh pandang screen monitor nie n otak blank...x tau nk buat apa...from terlebih byk keje to no work at all...huhuhuhuhu...

things im gonna do this weekend:

1) PEACEFUL SLEEP!!! (n not dream of filing nightmares)
2) play with aisya n baby
3) catch up with my reading...

boss dh bg green light tuk balik tp since kene amik mirul gak kul 6..might as well tunggu jer...maybe jap lg blah then gi tgk story book at central market!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the unexpected movie..

as of this past few days tetiba byk plak gi tgk movie...last thursday watched Harry Potter..on Saturday Harry Potter again n yesterday Ice Age..yg Ice Age tu totally unplanned...tetiba kul 5 lebey mrul ajak tgk..he said office mate dia smua were raving about it. Yg i plak mmg dh plan nk gi MV ngan Isya to get his present..so ok la..gi la tgk...before dia sampai cepat beli present dia.. confident amik..dh nk bayar br sedar that i forgot to bring my credit card..huhuhu..so, just paid a deposit n said i'll collect it 2morrow.. sembunyikan dlm car boot la kot..mana lg nk sembunyikan benda tu pun...dh la besar..

know wat..i really gotta watch my spending n budget btul2 this for august...just did the work out n i sedar that BYK NYER EXPENSES this august..with fity's wedding la..nk kene gi kuantan la.. n all that...baju lg..make up lg..huhuhuhuhuhu...

hmm..actually im not suite sure wat im crapping about right now!! dh la..ciao

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince..

Whee!!! went to watch Harry Potter last night with Sarah!! sooooo x rugi n sangat sangat besst!! it's so much better than the 5th one and has managed to capture the main elements from the book..with the exception of the ending of course..(Spoiler ahead!!) the fight scene at Hogwarts as well Dumbledore's funeral was not shown..due to the fact that there will be THE major fight in the next book..so this fight scene has been omitted to build up for that..but the substitute for it was certainly praisable..

2nite is Fity's bachelorette party...gotta go to Mid Valley during lunch to get her 'present' and a few other stuff..

cam guilty nk tinggalkan mrul kat rumah tu pun ada gak...my dear hubby tgh demam panas :( x pe la..ok kot 1 night..anything pun..i'll be about 5 mins from the house so anything i can just rush home kan...

It's friday..sooo..with weekend being just 8 hours away,soo malas nk buat keje..dh la next week nk stay quite late kat office..to make up for the going back early im gonna do on next thurs n fri..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

29 hours to go...

29 hours to Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince...yeay...hahaha...i always tell myself not to have high expectations on any movie that i wanna watch coz when u have too high of an expectation, even if it turns out good, u WILL be disappointed but when u expect it to be bad or bland then u will be satisfied with it..gotten quite used to it already but somehow it doesn't work for my Harry Potter movies...I was already dissatisfied with ORder of Phoenix due to its unaccute potrayal of the book...hopefully this one will be better...i've already seen online wats not in context of the book so i know wat to expect..but we shall just see 2morrow night...

looks like i'll be having 2 nights away from watching aisya going off to sleep..2morrow night,since the movie is 3 hours, i expect to be home only at around 10-1030..chances are she'll be asleep already.. n friday night is Fity's bachelorette party so i'll be spending the night at Peninsular...hmm... will still need to home first anyway to get my stuff n all but it'll be my first night not in bed with her *sob sob*...x pe la...kul 6 balik and see her wake up..

next week cam sgt hectic for me..mirul's bday on thursday (x plan suprise dia lg!! hadiah dia lg!!) then friday is Fity's akad nikah (remember to send jubah for dry cleaning!!) and saturday the reception at One World( baju x beli lagi, make up n hair x plan lg!!)..all in all, i forsee a very very VERY busy week..x kira keje lg tu kan..dh 3rd week July nie..

Owh yeah..next Saturday is my check up..hopefully baby will be looking at us for us to know the sex...Me n mrul are hoping for a boy (x nk aisya gaduh sbb kene share stuff with a sister) but either sex is fine as long as he/she is healthy n safe...risau gak aisya dok panjat2 perut nie..

*sigh* 2 o'clock dy..meaning BACK TO WORK!! :(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I GOT TICKETS TO WATCH HARRY POTTER!!yeay!.. n good seats too!! well..after the transformers fiasco of getting front seats..i bought my tickets online at 630 this morning...tot i would be the first but apparently there are some ppl who had bought it earlier!!..so,me n Sarah gonna be watching it on Thursday after work...yeay!! 2 days to go!! FINALLY!! ye la..the movie was supposed to come out last november...skali postpone to this July!!*smiles deeply*...then on saturday m gonna watch it again with my family!! hahaha..best nyer!!wat a nice way to start a day..just hope that lunch hour will be fine n i'll sleep tonight still happy!!

last friday night,had dinner at burger king...there was this new burger so decided to give it a try..so bawak la aisya skali..she had fries..giler happy dapat jln2 mlm2..

i skarang nie cam cepat penat..ingat masa preg with aisya dulu active giler..apparently baby nie lagi lagi active..put both of them together...mmg penat!! aisya dok climbing kat luar..dlm pun thg excited main ngan suara kakak dia..in the end..mummy diorg yg penats!! *whew*

Friday, July 10, 2009

its a really nice feeling to come home now n see ur baby waiting for u at the door...aisya skarang nie dgr doorbell je..cepat crawl gi pintu to see who's home..smalam when she saw me walking in, her smile itself was enough to melt away my tiredness n fatigue n headache that was plaguing me the whole day...*grin*

aisya skang pun dh pandai merajuk...bila kene marah..nanti she will crawl to a corner n sit quietly n play with her feet with a sad face...when u call her,she will look at u with a raised eyebrow... so cute..buat i rasa guilty la plak marah dia...had to tell myself..marah sbb nk mengajar..huhuhuhuhu...

mrul bday is in 2 weeks time..got an idea of wat to give..tp x tau mana nk carik.. :) will probably drag mael...then nk tgk bila pulak free to go n see...argh!! *headache!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the PD trip..

we went to PD last weekend,after trying to pack..i conclude it would be easier to just fold up the house n bring it instead if putting pieces of it in the car...how we managed to get it all in the Naza is a really big amazement to me even now...

in PD plak, had to look aisya by myself..most of the time dia mmg x nk org lain..so had her clinging to my leg practically...brought her swimming on sturday eve..it was like a fish finally experiencing the ocean...dah gigil2 pun x nk kluar tu..wanted to let her swim again on sunday but it was raining the whole day..x pe la..nanti i'll get her one of those portable pool that she can use in front of the house...biar baba dia tiup..hahaha

saturday night we went out to buy dinner..ingat nk singgah one of tose tomyam places but found out there was a pasar malam in pd town that night...so singgah la..aisya' first experience gi pasal malam..im suprised she doesn't have neck ache from turning to look everywhere at one time...

all in all...i think she enjoyed herself n well..thats my goal pun..so ok la tu..

Friday, July 3, 2009

i did it again!!

yeay..i managed to do this 2 days in a row...sgt bangga k...hahaha...well, kata pun tapau so ada la free time during lunch...

tomorrow me n mrul bringing his whole family to PD for a night..staying at my apartment there...so obviously, last night had to start listing wat to bring especially for little queen at home.. hence starts my headache of thinking wat she does she use daily,bila dh buat list baru sedar... BANYAK NYER!!!!: ( baik bawak 1 rumah) :)

1) baju
2) baju tido
3) diapers
4) minyak panas
5) drapolene
6) milk
7) bottles
8) nestum
9) bibs
10) towel for during mandi
11) towel for after mandi
12) soap
13) syampoo
14) swimsuit
15) night cot + mattress ( confirm x tido if x bwk nie)
16) bolster (another of her must haves)
17) bathtub??? (perlu ke?? if x nanti dia nangis time mandi)
18) nappy
19) toys
20) feeding chair??? (she's used to eating in this)

see..n thats only things i remember..im pretty sure there are things that i dun n will be last minute... tu belum my & mruls things lg...tgh imagine mana nk sumbat dlm naza tu...takut ada yg nk tumpang..huhuhuhu...so malam nie will be spent packing n then sure dgr mrul bebel pasal byk benda..tp nanti if x bawak, kat sana bising plak knapa x bawak...

last night...about 1030pm i had this ngidam...nasik with something pedas..so terpaksa la mrul gi kedai depan umah tu beli telur bungkus... dh tu, mengular la..hahahaha!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the one with...its been 7 months!!!

see... i knew i would not be the type to follow through with my blog..a MAJOR LOT has happened in these 7 months (obviously!)... had my daughter (an experience i would do over n over again for her)..my princess Aisya Zahira..she who rules my household now with her dimples that can jsut get her anything she wants...since everyone is spoiling her,obviously i have to be the bad cop...everytime i say "NO" to her she will just turn n smile n go to her baba n still get wat she wants..huh! but seriously, just having her in my life makes everything seem in its place...( i know, its cliche but i really mean it)..i can have the worst day at the office but once i get home n see her smile greeting me at the front door,its like everything else doesn't matter..

there's my baby up there.. my angel...k la..if i were to talk about my princess,i'll never stop...

Well, since im on the topic of babies...guess wat?? IM PREGNANT AGAIN!!! shocker kan?? me n mrul pun x expect n x plan...but well, we accept it as a gift from Allah..Alhamdulillah..rezeki tu.. intially mmg la shock (x expect la that i sgt subur!!hahaha) tp when u think about it, dr some ppl that have been trying so long to have a baby, n paying thousands of $$$...so just be thankful.. n try our best to raise them as good ppl and good Muslims...my due date for this baby is...wait for it...wait for it... 5 December 2009....hahaha...great timing right...jimat cost aku nk buat bday party diorg nie nanti...combine jer... :) actually the date tu pun x accurate sbb it was given based on scanning n not period date as is usually done...so mana tau..skali kene same bday as Aisya (27 November 2009) which is Raya Haji this year...hmmm....

On the office note, me have been seconded to tax compliance side at 9th floor till November...kira ok la tu..lepas secondment terus cuti maternity..february baru start at TP balik...but hopefully this time i get to do more investigation work...bad side to this is that i had to cancel my trip to Brunei..damn!! ...dh la ticket tu x leh nk refund or tukar...so burn je la...

K la, lunch is almost over..tapau today supposedly sbb nk buat keje la..tp suddenly thought of this long abandon blog n decided to see if i could get it moving again...hahaha... better crapping here than to ppl's ear la kan...