Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My babies are growing up FAST!!

Aisya dh pandai sebut Mummy!! Yeay..sgt happy…n dia suka menyapu I bought her a kids cleaning set yg ada broom,mop dust pan…so dok sibuk sapu the whole house…siap bongkok2 to reach under the chair..hopefully, nanti bila dh masuk rumah sendiri, dia leh sapu the whole house..hahaha

SO now in the morning its “Mummy, nk book!” (nk tgk jungle book)..she looks at the cows picture n says “Moo”..but wat really warms my heart is theway she totally LOVES her sister…I mean she can be asleep but if her sister cries,she’ll wake up, reach over n pat her sister back to sleep…sgt baik nyer kakak.. every morning, she will surely look for her sister n give Zaara a good morning kiss..aww..

Zaara pulak has a smile that will melt the coldest heart… I mean u can come home in the worst mood ever n she will give u this HUGE smile n u just cant help but smile back.. n her hair…actually reminds me of Fity, my best frens hair back in school…is just so maggie..n she’s so fair,u would think she’s never seen the sun..hahaha..

If Aisya’s eyes will let her get away with things, Zaara’s smile will get her everything she demands..It’ll be an amusing thing later on when they figure out their strength and try it over Mirul…hahahaha…

When the 2 of the sit together n start chit chatting in their own language, it makes actually wonder wat are they talking bout…because its like they actually have their own language n totally understand each other…I have a feeling that there’ll be a lot of instances where they’ll be teaming up together against me n mirul..huhuhuhuhu