Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2.5 month hiatus...

The mood to update this blog come n goes... there are times that i really semangat wanna write..but i think i can attribute the 3 month hiatus to 2 major things

1) Moving into my own place...yeay!! finally...it so much fun having ur own place to do as u please..n i would admit that it helps a lot in my relationship with Mirul...less stress=less fights...yeay...i officially moved in on the 4 June 2010...but the weeks leading up to it was super super busy with cleaning the house n getting the appliances n the wrapping up of renovations...of course there were hiccups...but, its done..so I AM FINALLY LIVING ON MY OWN...i send Aisya n Zaara to my parents everyday on the way to work but I'll pick them up after work..once in a while if we come back late, then they'll have the pleasure of sleeping with their grandparents...hahahahaha...

2) MY EXAM!!...took my exam on the 16 June 2010..i get frustrated with exams coz u think u covered everything n when u look at the question, u'll still go "wat the hell is this??"...argh!!


brought them to the zoo last Saturday..they were soo happy...Aisya wanted to see the "NAKE"snake n the "PANTS'(elephants) but the one where she got the mos texcited with her eyes going wide was.......THE GIFT SHOP...so my daughter kan??hahahaha...its the exact same expression when she see Toys R Us...her fav words now r "NO" n "NOW"...sound familiar??? i.e:
me: Aisya, time to sleep
Aisya: No
me: Aisya, time to mandi
Aisya : No
but...at the same time,
"mummy, nak milk NOW!!!
"mummy, jom NOW!!"
sounds familiar???hahahahahahaha...apparently she's a replica of me??

my second one (Zaara) is more feminine...tp feminine pun, still byk cakap gak...
they have started fighting now..a few days back gaduh pasal bantal!! u would think that with Zaara being only 7 months old, it would still be sometime before the fights start..but no...dh start dah...n at 630 in the MORNING..wah!!!
my TV is more or less set at Disney playhouse when they are around...mmg x leh nk change dah...sometimes i find myself singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song in the office alone...hahahaha
yesterday Aisya was asking for a tricycle...she's so big...i feel like crying...wahahaha