Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the updates..

Today is exactly 1 month since my last update..keyword: MALAS…coz actually time ada, benda nk tulis pun ada so..tp MALAS..huhuhu…nmind..here’s the updates :


My baby is exactly 9 months and 3 weeks…I feel like the past 9 months has gone by sooo fast…she’s growing so fast..I feel macam baru jer deliver dia last week..

*Aisya at 1 week*

One thing that I notice she follows me is her passion for books..she LOVES to read..sampai tertido ngan buku dalam tangan.. her word now is “BIRD”..bukak buku pun cari BIRD..kluar rumah je pandang atas carik BIRD..balik penang tgk ayam pun BIRD…

Lagi satu is “BABA”…the way she sleeps is exactly like her dad..dr lahir k..haih..

Lg satu..she LOVES the piano..she can spend hours at the piano mghentam the keys..n nobody else can touch it...brani buat n u'll be getting a raised eyebrow from her..future pianist maybe?

This year will be her first raya..after soo many years x excited..tetiba tahun nie I x sabar nk Raya..anyway,im not alone..i think my entire family is looking forward to it..mana x..Aisya is the 1st child, 1st grandchild, 1st greatgrandchild for my family..so mmg totally spoilt la kan J baju dia yg 1st to be completed.. bukan takat I yg belikan..her grandma belikan ,her great grandma belikan..mana x spoilt..tp 1st day nanti dia pakai baju kurung J..huhuuhu..One thing for sure, its a raya to be looked forward to..

2) Baby on the way

Baby is in his/her 6th month already…just about 2.5 more months to go…huhuhu..x sabar k..actually we already know his/her sex tp x leh nk confirm sgt la…good thing is,this time nothing mouch to buy..guna brg aisya je la..x sempat nk collect habuk dh kene guna balik Jjust need to get another tempat tido, car seat n bottles..baju smua leh pakai aisya punya…

Baby is so diff from Aisya when I was carrying her..with Aisya, time lapar je tendang mintak makan..Baby nie pulak,24/7 kot bergerak…lapar pun tendang,makan pun byk gerak..main non stop..pastu suka la main ngan my bladder smpi kejap2 kene gi toilet..

3) My Syurga

Yeay..my condo will be ready by December so lepas pantang leh pindah masuk kot..but of course kene renovate dulu so now me n Mrul dok sibuk looking at furnitures n designs n all the stuff..excited sbb x pernah nk shopping for this kind of things kan..dh la beli tuk rumah sendiri so lg la best...since kami pun x mampu nk beli barang smua one-shot so terpaksa beli apa yg necessity kan..Mrul nyer necessity list includes the TV,Astro Sports Package n PS3 dia..haih..mesin basuh x de x pe asal Tv beli dulu…mmg laki nyer priority la tuh… J

4) Work

Unbelievable, my secondment is up..2morrow I go back down to TP..relieve pun ada..sedih pun ada sikit kot sbb actually the ppl around me here are nice…

So I think nie la kot my updates for now..Assalamualaikum..